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The Pro-Life Committee actively promotes a renewed respect for human life by helping to make our parish a center where parishioners will pray for, witness to, and understand the issues and the importance of meeting the needs of those who are most vulnerable. These especially include mothers and their unborn children, the elderly or disabled at risk for euthanasia, and those on death row who proclaim innocence.

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Pro-Life Newsletter

Issue 13, April 2019

National News
Planned Parenthood HQ Has Sent 15 Women in 26 Months to Hospital After Botched Abortions
Planned Parenthood’s flagship abortion facility, located in the heart of Manhattan, has apparently injured another woman, who required ambulance transport to a nearby hospital. Other incidents like this took place on February 15 and April 5, 2018. This indicates that some confusion exists in the way Planned Parenthood calls for emergency medical assistance, which likely includes bypassing the 911 exchange. Attempts to obtain 911 records related to the Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood facility through public records requests have returned no records.
This is the fifteenth medical emergency documented by Operation Rescue at the Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood in the past 26 months.
New York is famous for being a pro-abortion state. In January, it shocked the nation when legislators cheered as they approved a law that has erased all accountability for abortion facilities and legalized abortions up until the moment of birth, then lit the spire on One World Trade Center pink to celebrate the expanded child-killing.

HIV Patient Cured of AIDS Thanks to Adult Stem Cells
Stem Cells
Understandably, all the attention in response to an article posted March 4th in the journal “Nature” was captured in the headline in many ensuing stories:
“Second HIV patient is in long-term remission, a decade after the first.”
The patient, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed, was able to stop taking antiretroviral drugs, with no sign of the virus returning 18 months later.
What was completely ignored is the source of the stem cells that were responsible for this longterm remission from HIV infection—they were adult stem cells.

Baby in Ultrasound and after BirthRhode Island Catholic Mom Fights Abortion with Powerful #MeStillMe Campaign
A new campaign led by a Catholic mom is showing that babies are human persons both inside and outside the womb – with pictures.
Rhode Island’s pro-life citizens are currently battling legislation that ensures and expands abortion statewide: the Reproductive Privacy Act and the Reproductive Health Care Act (RHCA). Like New York’s new abortion law, the bills permit abortion before viability for any reason and after viability for the sake of the mother’s life or health. But while politicians are debating with words, Rhode Island moms are wielding photos of their babies taken both before and after birth. The idea is a part of Nichole Rowley’s #MeStillMe campaign.

Girl Scouts Gives Its Highest Award to Teen Who Organized Campaign Promoting Abortion
The Girl Scouts’ support of abortion is growing increasingly apparent in the information age. Its materials, social media accounts and more point to the organization’s pro-abortion bias. One of the groups exposing it,, posted more evidence Friday on its Facebook page.
Breitbart reports the group discovered that the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona recently honored a teen for her volunteer work on “reproductive health justice” – an umbrella term that includes abortion on demand. Meghna Gopalan, recently profiled in a Tucson publication, received the Gold Award, the Girl Scouts highest honor, for her work.
Her project involved working with the pro-abortion Women’s March and its affiliate in Tucson. She said her goal was to “educate people about and destigmatize access to women’s healthcare” — euphemisms for abortion. Her comments to the local news also suggest that abortion was a focus of her project and she worked directly with a proabortion organization.

The letter recipient for this month is:
Operations: advertising/marketing (Clipper, ShopLocal), internet (websites),
publishing (magazines: Clipper, Nursing Spectrum, newspapers: USA Today)

Please write to:
Mr. Robert J. Dickey
President & CEO
Gannett Company, Inc.
7950 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22107

Gannett has been on The Boycott List for quite some time now. We last wrote to them in July 2014. Let’s remind them that we have not forgotten their support of Planned Parenthood. Please see their website for a complete list of all of their publications. Thank you and God bless you all for your efforts!

Tell him to stop funding Planned Parenthood

iPhoneAge Verification to Access Online Porn in UK
In April the United Kingdom rolled out new online restrictions in an attempt to protect children under the age of 18 from accessing pornography.
To view online pornography, internet users will need to confirm their age by entering information from a driver’s license or passport. If users do not wish to input their personal information, they may purchase a special ID card, available at thousands of retail shops for under $10.
Websites that fail to follow the verification rules may face a fine of nearly $330,000 or be blocked by the country’s internet service providers.
Catholic News Agency

Judge Lets Father Sue Abortion Clinic For Aborting His Baby Without His Consent
A grieving Alabama father won an initial victory this week in a lawsuit challenging the abortion facility that aborted his unborn child.
Ryan Magers is suing the Alabama Women’s Center in Huntsville after his girlfriend aborted their unborn baby there against his will. On March 5, Madison County Judge Frank Barger granted Magers’ petition to represent the estate of his child, “Baby Roe,” and, as a result, sue the abortion facility on behalf of his late child, Helms said Magers pleaded with his girlfriend to have the baby and even took on an extra job to prepare for the baby’s birth. The couple broke up after the abortion.

FDA Tells Abortion Activists to Stop Selling Dangerous Abortion Pills Putting Women’s Lives at Risk
The Food and Drug Administration issued warning letters last week to two abortion groups that are selling dangerous abortion drugs to American women over the internet.
The groups are putting women at “significant health risks,” according to the agency. They allow women to buy the drugs online without ever seeing a doctor, though abusive partners or parents could easily buy the drugs as well.
The FDA told the abortion providers AidAccess and Rablon to “immediately cease” providing the drugs in violation of health and safety regulations, according to the letter dated March 8 on the agency website.

Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are female voices. Some researchers think that needs to change. So they’re launching “Q” – a voice that’s neither male or female “for a future where we are no longer defined by gender.”

HHS Makes $5.1 Million Grant to Pro-Life Community Clinics
The Trump administration has awarded $5.1 million to The Obria Group – a pro-life organization which operates 21 health clinics and 11 mobile clinics in 5 states. “Many women want the opportunity to visit a professional, comprehensive health care facility—not an abortion clinic—for their health care needs; today, HHS gave women that choice,” said Kathleen Eaton Bravo, CEO of The Obria Group.

Parents Sue Planned Parenthood Because Their Baby Survived Abortion, Don’t Want to Raise “Unplanned Child”
Planned Parenthood is getting a taste of its own deadly medicine.
Earlier this month, an Idaho couple sued one of its New Mexico abortion facilities for a failed abortion that resulted in the birth of their third child. Bianca Coons and her partner, Cristobal Ruiz, want $765,000 for the cost of raising “an additional unplanned child,” as well as compensation for a breach of contract, unfair trade practices, violation of consumer protection laws and emotional distress, the report states.
The couple said they traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico for an early abortion because they are “destitute and attempting to maintain and limit the size of their family.”


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