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The Pro-Life Committee actively promotes a renewed respect for human life by helping to make our parish a center where parishioners will pray for, witness to, and understand the issues and the importance of meeting the needs of those who are most vulnerable. These especially include mothers and their unborn children, the elderly or disabled at risk for euthanasia, and those on death row who proclaim innocence.

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Please join Bishop Burbidge as he leads a rosary at 8am on Saturday, October 24 at the Falls Church abortion facility. (900 S. Washington Street, Falls Church 22046.) As you know, 40 Days for Life is underway, and it is the month of the Holy Rosary and Respect Life Month! What a perfect opportunity to join our good shepherd in prayer for lives at risk. I hope to see you there. Remember, you can sign up to stand up at


“We need to participate for the common good. Sometimes we hear: a good Catholic is not interested in politics. This is not true: good Catholics immerse themselves in politics by offering the best of themselves so that the leader can govern.” – Pope Francis, 9/16/13

To inform your participation in the next election please read the Bishop’s Pre-Election Letter in English or Spanish.  Also see this handy comparison chart for the Presidential Candidates


Pro-Life Newsletter

Issue 206 November 2020

National News
Vatican laments inclusion of ‘reproductive rights’ in UN resolution on coronavirus

A Vatican representative has said that the inclusion of a reference to “reproductive rights’ in a United Nations resolution on combating the coronavirus is “deeply concerning and divisive.”
Archbishop Gabriele Caccia made the remark Sept. 11 after the UN General Assembly in New York endorsed the resolution entitled “Comprehensive and coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” The resolution appealed to states “to take all measures necessary to ensure the right of women and girls to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health, including sexual and reproductive health, and reproductive rights.”
“In particular, the Holy See rejects the interpretation that considers abortion or access to abortion, sex-selective abortion, abortion of fetuses diagnosed with health challenges, maternal surrogacy, and sterilization as dimensions of ‘reproductive health,’
or as part of universal health coverage.” The archbishop’s criticisms were echoed by a representative of the United States, which voted against the resolution.
Catholic News Agency 9/16/20

Abortion Pill Reversal Info
1-877-558-0333 24/7 Patient Line

It’s not too late. If you have taken RU-486, the first pill, DO NOT TAKE THE SECOND PILL. RU-486 cuts off blood and nourishment from your baby. The goal is to starve your preborn child to death.
The second pill, Misoprostol, taken 24-48 hours later, causes contractions that can cause painful cramping and heavy bleeding to trigger a miscarriage. INSTEAD, CALL FOR HELP 24/7.
The hotline will refer you to a Pregnancy Help Center. The Pregnancy Help Center will administer the reversal medication at no charge. Reversing the abortion cannot be surely guaranteed, but chances of success are highest the sooner you take the reversal
medication. The Pregnancy Help Center will also most likely give you an ultrasound and you will be able to see your baby.
In the Pittsburgh area, Women’s Choice Network has several offices. Go to:
People Concerned for the Unborn Child newsletter Sept./Oct. 2020

Possible New Coronavirus Vaccine Made Without Using Cells From Aborted Babies

A potential coronavirus vaccine being tested in Australia could be the ethical alternative that pro-life advocates have been asking for.
So far, the vaccine from Oxford University/AstraZeneca has been considered the most promising for COVID-19, but researchers are using
cells from aborted babies in their testing – a huge ethical concern for pro-lifers.
The answer may be with another vaccine being developed by the University of Queensland and Australian biotech company CSL Limited, according to The Catholic Leader. Melbourne Archbishop Peter A. Comensoli recently highlighted the project because researchers are not using cells from aborted babies in their work.
“It is our understanding that the [University of Queensland] project does not use cell lines taken from an aborted child but uses a human ovarian cell line,” Comensoli wrote Monday in a letter to Catholics. “For this reason, it appears to be an ethically acceptable option.”
The researchers said the pre-clinical testing was a success; they now are recruiting volunteers for human trials, according to the report. If all goes well, the vaccine could be available by mid-2021.

Mel Gibson Working On Sequel to ‘The Passion of the Christ’
The IMDB website, an online movie database, says the picture is in development and scheduled for release in 2022.
Gibson has said the time frame of the film will be very short — the three days from 3 p.m. on Good Friday until Easter Sunday.
It will reportedly cover step-by-step the events leading up to the Resurrection as experienced by the Apostles, but will also follow the intrigues that took place in Herod’s palace and end with the events that took place in Jerusalem on Resurrection Sunday.
Shooting for the sequel will take place in Israel, Morocco and some parts of Europe including Italy, with the cast and crew possibly returning to use Rome’s famous cinematic resources at “Cinecittà” in the south of the city. National Catholic Register 9/24/20

The letter recipient for this month is:

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Please write to:
Mr. Robert Solomon
Chairman & CEO
GoFundMe Inc.
855 Jefferson Ave.
Redwood City, CA 94063

UPDATE: In May, we wrote to Quest Diagnostics. Quest responded that they do not contribute to Planned Parenthood. We reached out to Life Decisions International. They have been in touch with Quest and are working with them to resolve the issue. For now, LDI is
“dropping Quest Diagnostics as a boycott target.”

Tell him to stop funding Planned Parenthood

Pope Francis Declares Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide “Intrinsically Evil”

A new document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith office, approved by Pope Francis, reiterates Catholic Church teachings about the sanctity of every human life from conception to natural death, the AP reports.
“The Church is convinced of the necessity to reaffirm as definitive teaching that euthanasia is a crime against human life because, in this act, one chooses directly to cause the death of another innocent human being,” the document states.
Rejecting the claim that killing people through abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia is an acceptable solution, it urges society to support hospice, palliative care and pain management for people who are terminally ill as well as perinatal hospice for unborn babies diagnosed with fatal conditions.

Vaccine Company Sanofi-Pasteur Stops Using Aborted Baby Parts to Make Polio Vaccine
Pro-life advocates’ calls to stop producing vaccines with cells from aborted babies are making a difference in the world.
The Catholic News Agency reports the company Sanofi-Pasteur just announced plans to produce a new, ethically-developed polio vaccine.
The project will replace an older polio vaccine that was developed with cells from an aborted baby, according to the report. Sanofi-Pasteur is one of the largest vaccine production companies in the world.
“This move from Sanofi-Pasteur is an encouraging indicator that for-profit companies creating vaccines are beginning to recognize there is no need to use cell lines derived from aborted children,” said Greg Schleppenbach of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Rep. Jim Banks, R-IN, called on the Justice Department to investigate the “increases in Catholic hate crimes and vandalism.” Banks added: “Bigoted criminals are threatening Catholics and undermining America’s core ideal of religious liberty. The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division exists to combat spikes in targeted violence. It needs to fulfill its duty, determine who is behind this pattern of attacks, and bring them to justice.”
The letter lists a number of these crimes, which gained national attention over the summer. Statues of the Virgin Mary have been burned across the country, statues of Jesus have been beheaded, a man crashed his car into a church full of worshippers and set fire to the foyer, a Catholic mission in California was set ablaze, and more.

State Senate Getting Tougher on Child Pornography
On Monday, September 21, State Senator Dave Arnold’s (R-Lebanon) child pornography bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously. SB 1075 would increase the penalties and resulting jail time for those convicted of child pornography in cases when the victim is 10 years old or younger or known by their abuser.
It also would establish a child sexual abuse prevention task force that would craft recommendations to protect children within the child welfare system as well as recommend long-term strategies and education about child sexual abuse and prevention. We support this important measure as it advances in the Senate.
PA Family Institute 9/25/20


In a video address to the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, President Trump announced that he will sign a “Born Alive” executive order to require medical care for all children born alive after failed abortion attempts.
Trump also said his administration would be “increasing federal funding for neonatal research to ensure that every child has the
very best chance to thrive and grow.”
National Catholic Register 9/23/20

Report: Increased availability of abortion pill has caused an increase in abortion rate

Despite a consistent decline in abortion over the last decade, a new report from the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), the research arm of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List), reveals that abortions increased by nearly two percent from 2017 to 2018 in the United States, in large part due to the increased availability of chemical abortions (the abortion pill).
“Use of the dangerous chemical abortion pill regimen has exploded within the abortion industry,” said Tessa Longbons, CLI research associate and author of the new report. “This method of abortion surged upward by nine percent between 2017 and 2018, making up 41 percent of total abortions in 2018 alone.”


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