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The Pro-Life Committee actively promotes a renewed respect for human life by helping to make our parish a center where parishioners will pray for, witness to, and understand the issues and the importance of meeting the needs of those who are most vulnerable. These especially include mothers and their unborn children, the elderly or disabled at risk for euthanasia, and those on death row who proclaim innocence.

How Can I Help?

  • Join us for the March For Life!  Please join us for 9:15 Mass at St. Mark, immediately followed by breakfast and fellowship in the Cassidy center at 9:45.  Next, we’ll load water and snacks onto our bus around 10:30, and will plan to leave St. Mark by 11:00 am. Upon arriving downtown — around noon — and disembarking from the bus, we’ll take some group photos and then walk towards main platform to listen to speakers and eat our brown bag lunch.  Around 1:00/1:30 we start the march — likely making our way to Constitution Avenue — and join larger group all the way to Supreme Court. We may pray the Rosary outside the Supreme Court and will return to our bus around 3:30. We plan to arrive back at St. Mark by around 4:30 pm. We may also pray the Rosary on the bus on our way to and from the March and we will request a voluntary contribution towards the costs of the day.We look forward to seeing you on the 19th!

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Pro-Life Newsletter

Issue 2, January 2018


Battle to Stop California Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions Heads to Supreme Court
A major battle against a pro-abortion law is heading to the United States Supreme Court. The pro-life lawsuit against a California statute that requires pregnancy centers to promote abortions is heading to the nation’s highest court.
The California law, upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in October, forces pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortions. Tom Glessner, president and CEO of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, said his group was appealing the case to the Supreme Court, arguing that the law violates both free speech and religious freedom. “In essence, the law mandates that pro-life centers become abortion referral agencies, totally against their convictions, against their foundational beliefs, compelling
speech,” Glessner said previously.
Today (Nov. 13), the Supreme Court agreed to take the case. Read More Here

FBI Requests Planned Parenthood Documents, Signaling Possible Investigation
An FBI request for unredacted Planned Parenthood documents from the U.S. Senate could signal an investigation into whether the abortion giant illegally sold fetal tissue from aborted babies.
The request was made to the Senate Judiciary Committee, whose chairman, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, referred Planned Parenthood and several other organizations that perform abortions to the FBI after the committee investigated their practices of transferring fetal tissue. The report comes from The Hill news site.

House Passes Unborn Child Tax Credit, First Time Unborn Babies Included in the Tax Code
The House has passed H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 on November 16th. The tax bill contains a new positive provision related to the unborn.
Under the provision, parents will be permitted to name unborn children as beneficiaries of 529 College Savings Plans, and be able to start saving for their unborn child’s education before the baby is born. This would be the first time the unborn child has been written into the tax code.
The provision has been attacked by pro-abortion groups such as NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Even though this law in no ways deals with abortion, the pro-abortion lobby’s ideology compels it to deny the very existence of unborn human beings in any area of the law.
By the same token, the National Right to Life Committee supports this provision because it recognizes, in at least one area of law, that unborn children are people.
The Tax Act must still be voted on by the Senate. Read more here

Two Companies That Sold Aborted Baby Parts for Planned Parenthood Forced to Close Down
In what is the first successful prosecution in the scandal involving Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, and the sale of aborted baby parts, two companies that sold aborted baby parts for the nation’s biggest abortion company have been forced to close down.
The two California-based companies reached a settlement with the Orange County District Attorney’s office of almost $8 million dollars. As a result of the settlement the two companies will close up shop over the next couple of months and will no longer be selling parts from babies killed in abortions for Planned Parenthood or anyone else.
According to the settlement signed Monday, DV Biologics LLC and sister company DaVinci Biosciences LLC, both based in Yorba Linda, must cease all operations in California within 60 to 120 days. The agreement also requires the companies to admit liability for violations of state and federal laws prohibiting the sale or purchase of fetal tissue for research purposes, prosecutors said.
According to the lawsuit, the companies almost tripled their sales revenue between 2009 and 2011 after they expanded to offer aborted babies’ body parts and stem cells. The DA’s office said the companies sold the human tissue to pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions across the world. Read More


Tell him to stop funding Planned Parenthood
The letter recipient for this month is:
Operations: education (yoga), personal care (yoga).
Please write to:
Mr. Bikram Choudhury, Chairman & CEO
Bikram Yoga College of India, Inc.
11500 W. Olympic Blvd. Ste. 150
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Bikram Yoga has been on the The Boycott List since 2012 and we last wrote to them in September, 2012.

Adult Stem Cells and Gene Therapy Save a Young Boy With Horrible Skin Condition
A young boy in Germany has literally had his skin—and his life—saved through the use of genetically-engineered adult stem cells.
The boy suffered from a condition called junctional epidermolysis bullosa, a severe and often lethal disease in which a mutation leaves the skin cells unable to interconnect and maintain epidermal integrity. The skin blisters and falls off, and the slightest touch or abrasion can leave a patch of skin gone and a painful, difficult-to-heal wound behind. There is no cure for the disease and little other than palliative care available for sufferers of the most severe forms. Now researchers have combined use of adult stem cells with genetic engineering to successfully treat the young boy’s life-threatening condition. Reports called the boy’s recovery “stunning,” with successful replacement of 80 percent of his skin. Before the procedure, the boy’s doctors tried several treatments to no avail. One doctor even said, “We had a lot of problems in the first days keeping this kid alive.” Yet within six months of starting the process, the boy was back in school.
His skin has remained healthy and completely blister-free. According to the published reports now 21 months after the boy’s transplant, he loves to show off his “new skin” and is enjoying school, playing soccer, and being a normal kid. The research has also taught scientists much about the possibilities of using adult stem cells in combination with gene therapy for treatment of diseases.
Read More

Pro-Life News Briefs
Little Sisters of the Poor has asked the 9th Circuit Court to stop California and Pennsylvania’s attempt to rollback President Trump’s broadening of religious exemptions to protect organizations that oppose the contraception mandate.

The PA Human Relations Commission (PHRC) is under pressure from LGBT activists “to enact guidance that would allow anti-LGBT bias complaints to be investigated as sex-discrimination complaints.” This guidance would mean no law would have to be passed adding sexual orientation and gender identity or expression (i.e. HB 1410 and SB 613) to the PA Human Relations Act. This guidance would impact the PA Human Relations Act and PA Fair Educational Opportunities Act. Additionally, activists are demanding that no religious exemption be included!
The State House stripped from the CHIP reauthorization bill the amendment that would have prevented taxpayer dollars from being spent on sex change surgeries for children. Instead they introduced HB 1933 which would ban state CHIP and Medicaid funding for sex-reassignment surgery and hormone treatments.

Col. Leland Bohannon, a highly decorated and respected colonel, has been punished by the Air Force after he refused to publicly affirm the same-sex spouse of a retiring subordinate. Now eight US Senators have sent a letter to Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson asking her to step in and save Colonel Bohannon’s career.
Neither Casey nor Toomey signed the letter! 11/25/17

Ethical Shingles Vaccine Approved
A morally acceptable alternative to the highly marketed Zostavax vaccine against shingles has been cleared for the US market by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Merck & Co.’s Zostavax uses aborted fetal cells and has dominated the US market with sales totaling $685 million last year.

Shingrix, made by Glaxo SmithKline Pharmaceutical Company (GSK), is produced using a yeast cell line. Not only is Shingrix morally produced but it is a far superior product, as evidenced by lengthy clinical trials. The studies demonstrated that Shingrix is 97.2% effect in people over 50 years old. It also maintained 90% efficacy in those 70 years old and above, with 95% immunity maintained after four years. On the other hand, Zostavax is only 38% effective in people over 70 and only 40% duration of immunity after four years.
People Concerned for the Unborn Child newsletter Vol 46 No.6
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