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The Pro-Life Committee actively promotes a renewed respect for human life by helping to make our parish a center where parishioners will pray for, witness to, and understand the issues and the importance of meeting the needs of those who are most vulnerable. These especially include mothers and their unborn children, the elderly or disabled at risk for euthanasia, and those on death row who proclaim innocence.

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    Pro-Life Newsletter

    Issue 5, May 2018

    National News
    HHS Mandate Suffers Major Defeat
    The Obamacare Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate forcing Catholic non-profits to provide coverage for abortion inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization, was dealt a lethal blow by U.S. District Court Judge David Russell.
    He issued a permanent injunction stopping the federal government from enforcing the mandate against the Catholic Benefits Association (CBA). He also issued a declaratory judgment, holding that the mandate was illegal; it violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
    The CBA represents over 1,000 Catholic employers, including 60 dioceses and archdioceses, as well as many religious orders, colleges and universities, hospitals, and other ministries. Baltimore Archbishop William Lori chairs the CBA; serving with him are six other archbishops. Douglas G. Wilson is the CEO of the organization.
    Judge Russell’s ruling not only binds the Trump administration (which was opposed to the HHS mandate anyway), but all future administrations. Catholic employers who belong to the CBA are now free from attempts by the federal government to coerce them into providing morally offensive healthcare coverage.
    This is a smashing victory for religious liberty and a stunning defeat for the pro-abortion industry and its allies.



    Walmart Pulls Pro-Abortion “Cosmo” From Checkout Lines

    Walmart is removing the sex-obsessed, pro-abortion women’s magazine “Cosmopolitan” from its checkout shelves.
    The retail chain announced the change this week after considering concerns raised by parents and conservative groups about the content of the magazine, USA Today reports. “While this was primarily a business decision, the concerns raised were heard,” Walmart spokesperson Meggan Kring said. “Cosmpolitan” often displays scantily clad women on its front covers, along with headlines promoting risky sexual behavior and other objectionable content. It also regularly advocates for abortion on demand.

    U.S. Diocese Keeps Kids in Class for Gun-Control ‘walkout’

    The Catholic Schools Office for the Diocese of Peoria, overseen by Bishop Daniel Jenky, told school pastors and principals in a March 12 letter that students could not participate in the walkout demonstration because positions held by the organizers were not “rooted in the truths of the Catholic faith.”
    “Unfortunately, some of the sponsors of the National School Walkout advocate for positions that are contrary to the Church’s teachings on the sanctity of human life in all of its stages,” its letter stated. “Due to this fact, as well as concerns for student safety on this day of national attention, our schools are directed to not permit students to stage a walkout.”
    The diocesan schools office encouraged administrators “to take a different approach and demonstrate the power of prayer and faith in action,” suggesting the offering of a Rosary for nonviolence, holding a prayer service for peace and remembering victims of school violence at an all-school Mass. 3/16/18

    The US Senate overwhelmingly passed HR 1865, the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, by a vote of 92-2! Within hours of its passage, sites like Craigslist, Reddit, Erotic Review, and others shut down their sex ads. However, organizations working with child sex trafficking victims report that 80 percent of their clients were bought and sold on, which has taken no action!!

    Smiles 4 Keeps, a dentist’s office in Bartonsville (Monroe County), is sending letters to parents saying if they do not bring their child in for “regular professional cleanings,” they could be charged with “dental neglect.” They quote the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry definition of “dental neglect” and PA Act 31 on child abuse and mandatory reporting.
    American Family Association of PA 3/31/18


    Tell her to stop funding Planned Parenthood
    The letter recipient for this month is:
    Operations: medical devices/diagnostics/research (Aciprotec flu mask), medications/treatments (analgesics/an-inflammatories: Excedrin, Panadol, Voltaren, feet: Lamisil, gastrointesnal: Benefibre, Citrucel, Ex-Lax, Gas-X, Prodiem, Tums, lips: Abreva,
    Zovirax, nasal/respiratory: Actifed, Breathe Right, Buckley’s,
    Cholinex, Coldrex, Flonase, NeoCitran, Theraflu, Thrive, skin:
    Abreva, Ansolar, Bactroban, Impruv, Keri, Lac-Hydran, Lamisil, Lipacn, Spectro, Uremol, Zeasorb, smoking cessaon: NicoDerm, Nicoree, Niconell, NiQuin, weight: alli), nutrion (Benefibre, Cetebe, Horlicks, Maltova, Oscal, Runoscorbin, Sco’s Emulsion, Viva), personal care (oral: Aquafresh, Astringinsol, Biotene, Chlorhexamed, Corega, Corsodyl, Dr. Best, Macleans, Polident, Poligrip, Pro-Email, ProNamel, Sensodyne, Super Wernet’s, Synthol),
    pharmaceucals/prescripons (dermatology, gastrointesnal, mental health, migraine, nasal/ respiratory, smoking cessaon), Sefel Laboratories.
    Please write to:
    Ms. Emma Walmsley CEO
    GlaxoSmithKline, PLC
    980 Great West Rd.
    Brentford, Middlesex
    London TW8 9GS UK
    Please note this recipient is in the United Kingdom.
    First class postage is $1.15

    Adult Stem Cells Help Little Chloe Levine Recover From Cerebral Palsy. Now She Can Run and Jump
    Within months of Chloe Levine’s birth, her parents, Jenny and Ryan knew something was wrong with their daughter. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a condition describing chronic loss of movement and muscle coordination.
    Then Ryan’s sister called with information on the adult stem cell treatment of a little boy with a similar diagnosis. Doctors reinfused Chloe’s stem cells to heal her brain. Within days she spoke. Chloe now walks, runs, plays and even rides a bike like any kid her age. Watch her amazing story in a brief YouTube video at:

    Latest on Student Privacy Lawsuit
    The Boyertown case – involving an unwritten school policy that allows boys into girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms and girls into boys’ locker rooms and bathrooms – is scheduled to be argued on May 24 before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia. Also, additional students are seeking to join the lawsuit to protect their right to bodily privacy.
    Please pray for the three judges who will be hearing this case. And please pray for the many children in this district and other school districts who live with such offensive policies.
    PA Family Council

    Supreme Court Won’t Let David Daleiden Release More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts
    In David Daleiden et al v. National Abortion Federation, the nation’s highest court had been asked to overturn a lower court’s injunction that barred Mr. Daleiden from releasing hundreds of hours of still more videos – videos which would be both politically embarrassing and potentially incriminating for Planned Parenthood and other NAF abortionists. The US Supreme Court rejected the request.
    “Justice is not only blind, but it remains gagged for the time being,” remarked Tom Brejcha, President and Chief Counsel, Thomas More Society, about the Supreme Court’s decision to leave in place the ruling of District Court Judge William H. Orrick III of the Northern District of California blocking the release of Mr. Daleiden’s additional videos. (The Thomas More Society currently is asking the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to remove Judge Orrick from the case because of his personal ties to Planned Parenthood.)
    Brejcha continued, “We are confident David Daleiden’s First Amendment rights will be upheld ultimately. We are disappointed with what appears to be the Supreme Court’s decision that these problems are better addressed at lower court levels at this time. When the smoke finally clears, we believe David Daleiden will be completely vindicated for exposing the truth about the abortion industry.”

    Pro-Life Victory at UN, Prevents Commission on the Status of Women From Promoting Abortion
    Pressure to deliver an agreement was greater than ever at this year’s commission, given that the last time the commission tackled rural women in 2012 negotiations broke down and there was no agreement.
    The agreement does not make any new political commitments on abortion or LGBT rights. It did not include the notion of “safe abortion.” Nor does it recognize the concept of family diversity, as asked insistently by nations that allow homosexual marriage. Phrases like “sexual orientation and gender identity” and “women in all their diversity” were also kept out of the agreement.
    Neither does the agreement reverse many of the gains of abortion groups in recent years. The document, like the agreement the commission adopted last year, continues to call on states to provide “sexual and reproductive health,” a term coined by abortion groups as a euphemism for abortion. 3/26/18


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